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testosterone suspension cycle

The antimicrobial effect and developing testosterone suspension cycle an adequate anesthesia in 5-10 minutes. after treatment. The water-soluble transparent gel provides a clear visual overview at various endoscopic procedures.Testosterone suspension cycle prevention of infectious complications, for lubrication and anesthesia: the urethral catheterization, insertion and change of an indwelling catheter, ureteroscopy and cystoscopy, probing the urethra, surgical interventions on the urethra and bladder, transurethral prostatectomy, treatment of dysuria and tsistalgii, manipulations nephrostomy, urodynamics, local therapy negonorreynyh urethritis. In obstetrics and gynecology: prevention of infectious complications, for lubrication and anesthesia: the prenatal rehabilitation of the cervix and vagina, diagnostic curettage the wall of the cervical canal and uterine cavity, insertion and removal of intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) hysteroscopy, cervical biopsy, a biopsy of the endometrium, cervical polypectomy during surgery transvaginal access, artificial abortion. In the combination therapy of bacterial cervicitis, nonspecific vaginitis, chronic endometritis. In abdominal surgery and proctology: prevention of infectious complications, for lubrication and anesthesia in all types of endoscopic, surgical and diagnostic interventions in proctology, to protect against damage testosterone suspension cycle to the rectum and colon while endoscopic manipulation when replacing fistula catheters and drainages, care entorostomami.and also: is used suspension steroids as a lubricant, disinfectant and topical anesthetic with intubation and mechanical ventilation (ALV), pediatric practice.

Dosage and administration:

The tip of the syringe and with the gel (6 or 11 ml of the product) is removed from the package. Then, remove the cannula of the syringe cap and injected a syringe cannula tip tightly into the socket. By uniform pressure on the plunger of the syringe is filled with pipe installation tip completely over the entire length of the tube. In urological diseases in men using a syringe with a 11 ml gel: in the area of the external opening of the urethra is applied more gel droplets (after treatment of the glans penis with a disinfectant solution) by pressing on plunger of the syringe is then injected testosterone suspension in the cannula bore through the urethra caused to gel and is slowly testosterone suspension cycle added 11 ml of gel into the urethra. Briefly clamped glans penis in the coronal sulcus in order to prevent the expiration of the reverse of the gel. During the cystoscopy should completely cover the gel urethra, including the external sphincter. To this should be introduced into the urethra 11 ml of the product, and if necessary, another 6.11 ml of the preparation. Women use syringe with 6 ml of gel. In the area surrounding the external opening of the urethra is applied (after treatment with a disinfectant solution) and a few drops of gel is introduced into the cannula of the syringe through the orifice of the urethra caused to gel. Then the contents of the syringe in an amount of about 4 ml is slowly injected into the urethra and the syringe is removed, while continuing to apply pressure on the piston. Thus there is a gel coating throughout the length of the urethra. Prior to manipulation should leave the drug in the urethra for 5-10 minutes to achieve complete anesthetic and disinfecting effect. Pediatric use syringe with 6 ml of gel. Introduction of the preparation is performed in children as in adults -. Child floor respectively in gynecology use syringe with 6 ml or 11 ml of the gel (depending on the risk of infection). To facilitate insertion into the cervix and uterus using an installation tip. The entire length of the tube is filled with the installation of the tip by pushing the plunger. After processing the external genitals, vagina and cervix with a disinfectant solution testosterone suspension, exposing the cervix in the mirrors. Area external cervical os covered with gel.Tip is advanced through the cervical canal testosterone suspension cycle into the uterine cavity predposylaya gel, and slowly administered into the uterine cavity 2.3 ml (5.6 ml) of the gel. Continuing to press the plunger is removed from the cavity and the cervix installation tip (thus there is coverage of the entire length of the cervical canal gel). Subsequent manipulations are carried out in 10 minutes after the administration of the gel.

Side effects. Allergic reaction (allergic dermatitis, skin rash, angioedema), a burning sensation at the site of application.

Overdose Symptoms: Severe damage to the urethra may develop side effects associated with systemic lidocaine (bradycardia, convulsions, collapse); incorrect use of the drug is possible orthostatic hypertension central origin. Treatment: bradycardia – beta adrenostimulyatorov (alupent), in convulsions -Small dose of short-acting barbiturate or short-muscle relaxants (succinylcholine), in the collapse – epinephrine or dopamine / O.

Interaction of combined use of anti-arrhythmic drugs testosterone suspension cycle can cause increased severity of side effects of lidocaine. Avoid joint use of iodine preparations. MAO inhibitors enhance the local anesthetic effect of lidocaine. Incompatible types of steroids with soap and detergents containing anionic group (saponins, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose). Compatible with drugs containing a cationic group (benzalkonium chloride).

Special instructions: The drug is sterile and is intended for single administration. In the case of use during lactation should refrain from breast-feeding for 12 hours after using the drug.

Product Form In 6 ml and 11 ml syringes, each syringe into the blister, the blister 10 in a cardboard box, together with instructions for use.

Shelf life 5 years. Do not use beyond the expiration date.

Storage conditions List B. In the dark, out of reach testosterone suspension cycle of children, at a temperature no higher than 25 C.

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