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testosterone suspension reviews

Testosterone suspension reviews is a combined preparation, improves cerebral blood circulation and metabolism. Etamivan due to activation of the reticular formation and normalizes functional state of the neural systems of the cortex and subcortical-stem structures. Hexobendine increases the utilization of glucose and oxygen due to activation of anaerobic glycolysis and pentose cycle (implemented only in conditions of ischemia and hypoxia, when disrupted the cycle of aerobic oxidative phosphorylation). Stimulation of anaerobic testosterone suspension reviews oxidation gives the energy substrate for synthesis and exchange of neurotransmitters and restore synaptic transmission, depression, which, along with the destruction of the neuronal membranes is the leading pathogenetic mechanism of consciousness and neurological disorders nar \ corruptible during hypoxia and cerebral ischemia. It stabilizes the physiological mechanisms of autoregulation of cerebral and cardiac blood flow, due to the influence of lactate and pyruvate (product of anaerobic glycolysis) on receptor apparatus intracranial arterioles and capillaries. Etofillin activates myocardial metabolism, increases cardiac output, thus increasing the perfusion pressure in the vessels of the edge zone of ischemia. This does not change the systemic blood pressure.Stimulating effect on the nervous system is also seen in the stimulation of subcortical structures, midbrain and brainstem centers and nuclei (respiratory, vasomotor, centers of autonomic regulation, as well as the nuclei of cranial, first of all – the vagus). In appointing the patients with testosterone suspension reviews ischemic stroke, closed head -mozgovoy injury marked the restoration of the patient’s consciousness, regression of neurological disorders, activation of vegetative sphere. Cerebral vascular disease and testosterone suspension reviews age-related, the consequences of failure of blood supply, the state of post stroke, vertigo, caused by functional brain disorders.

. Contraindications instenon ® should not be used in the following cases: a state of strong excitation and convulsions, symptoms of increased cerebral pressure (signs: prolonged headache, vomiting, blurred vision)., Epilepsy, cerebral hemorrhage should be careful with recent stroke and carotid stenosis artery due to arteriosclerosis.

Use during pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy and lactation instenon ® is taken only on prescription,

. Dosing and Administration Depending on the severity of the condition 1-2 times daily 1 ampoule intramuscularly, or intravenously slowly; or 1-2 times a day for one ampoule intramuscularly, or intravenously slowly; or 1-2 times a day for one ampoule as drip infusion with 250 ml of a 5% solution of levulose. With the improvement of the treatment can be continued with oral forms of the drug (film-coated tablets). In some testosterone suspension reviews cases the rapid introduction may lower blood pressure, so the duration of injection of one ampoule should be at least 3 minutes.

Side effects. In large doses, in some cases there may be headache, facial flushing, blood pressure reduction.

Overdose. In case of overdose may experience headaches, tachycardia, and facial flushing. In these cases it is recommended abolition of the drug followed by dosage reduction.

Interaction with other medicinal products. Instenon ® may interact with other drugs. These include drugs that reduce platelet activity (acetylsalicylic acid, etc..). These drugs can be enhanced hexobendine. Very high doses of caffeine can weaken the effect of instenon ® (should avoid taking large quantities of coffee and tea).

Special instructions. During treatment, care must be taken during testosterone suspension reviews the occupation of potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions.

Product form. In a 2 ml ampoule preparation of colorless glass. 5 ampoules in a polystyrene cellular packaging with instructions for use to prevent the carton.

Storage conditions. At a temperature of 2-8 ° C, protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children. List B.

Shelf life. 3 years. Do not use after the testosterone suspension reviews expiration date.

Conditions of supply of pharmacies. By prescription.

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